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/// Filip Van Huffel

Belgian Filip initially trained in Fine Art, before starting his dance training at age 18. He trained with a range of contemporary dance teachers around Europe before performing with Claudio Bernardo, Air de C and Company Thor in Belgium, Frey Faust in Germany and Random Dance Company in London. He co-founded Retina in 1995 with Sacha Lee with whom he danced with in Random Dance/Wayne McGregor and together they created works that combined their unique voices from UK and belgian backgrounds. Filip has produced 18 company works for Retina that have toured internationally and since 2000 Filip has worked as the sole artistic director.

Filip is also regularly commissioned to create works for other companies, which have included several commissions for the South Bank Centre London, EDge, Verve, Maiden Voyage, Conservatoire for Dance in Belgium, Curve Foundation, Akademi, Tardis, Shobana Jeyasingh, StopGap, Ludus and X:ida Dance Companies. He has also created a Dance for the Camera production Freeze for BBC/ACE.

Collaborated on Corporalis (2013), Layers of Skin (2012), La Lutte (2011), Antipode (2009), Relative Danger (2008), This is not a body (2007), The boy who never grows old (2006), Eleven stories for the body, distance to our soul (2005), Me:Mo (2003), Freeze (2003), X: (2002), Gradient (2002), Toxin (2001), Oxygenius (2000), Overexposed (1999), Hard Shoulder (1998), Tweeling (1998), Pit (1997), Crave (1996), Battery (1996)

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