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Retina views their education programme as an invaluable part of their existence and believes that a fuller understanding and appreciation of dance is encouraged through participation. Retina believes that the individuality of each person should be encouraged and supported through a process of investigation, enjoyment and commitment.

Our company dancers are trained in leading educational workshops and all our educational activities are informed by Retina’s trademark style of fast, continuous flow and fun movement providing participants with the chance to develop technical, choreographic and improvisational skills.

We aim to create a relaxed environment in order that participants feel confident to explore a new style of movement and enjoy the energy, freedom and excitement that Retina’s approach can bring.

Our aims:
Skill and confidence building.
Creative development for the individual.
Team work towards a shared goal.
Personal investment in an artistic product.
Fitness and fun.

For individuals:
Retina’s education programme has several different strands aimed at professional dancers, dance students, dance teachers and dance enthusiasts. Check out the options opposite to find an activity to suit your needs.

For organisations:
We also work with schools and arts organisations to deliver tailored educational activities ranging from a two hour workshop in a school to a one week site specific residency for professional dancers. Organisational needs are discussed and explored and Retina will work with you to devise a tailor-made approach to learning and participation. If you're interested in finding out more about Retina's educational offer please contact Natalie Gordon.

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